Podcast: The Australian Bushfires & Mental Health in the Veterinary Profession

Flyyn’s Talk is a podcast offshoot from ‘Flyyn’s Walk’, a community that encourages meaningful conversations and spreads awareness around the mental health challenges faced by veterinary and para-veterinary professionals.

They say it best here: “We’re back! Season 2 is here and we have a big episode to kick things off. Jeremy & Jack are joined by Dr Paul Ramos (@vetpaulramos) from National Geographic and Rob Leach (@wildlifenurserob) from Vets Beyond Borders – both wildlife specialists. We dive into what it means to work with wild animals, responding to national disasters like the Australian bushfires and why volunteering is so rewarding. Join, like, subscribe and enjoy the conversation. Some of the content in this episode may be confronting for listeners, in particular our discussion about bushfires and the effects on communities.”

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