GRASSY PROJECT – clothes with a difference

Grassy Project unites leading graphic artists with front-line wildlife conservation orgs (you know, the scrappy ones doing the actual hands-on work fighting for wildlife!).  THE RESULT: Wearable art that provides awareness & through your purchases, DIRECT SUPPORT to those wild animals most in need.  

From vulnerable hedgehogs in Britain, to endangered sea turtles threatened by plastics & ghost nets in the Maldives, to backing anti-poaching units in Africa, Grassy Project will be bringing it to wildlife conservation in 2020-21 and onwards…

YOU can be a part speaking – and acting up – by getting your gear here that supports these efforts and the wild animals that they they protect.

Check out the Grassy Project shop on this website! 


Isn’t this world beautiful and amazing? It’s certainly worth protecting.  However, you would be forgiven if you were to look away from the challenges that we face today because, by all accounts, they look too big, too daunting…

But there’s some really good news. The future is in your hands.  For too long the younger generations have been instructed to just sit down, keep their hands in the vehicle & to stay quiet.  But times have changed. It’s now the time to speak up, and most importantly, to act.

After all the world, and our future, does not have to be this way. The grass *can* be greener on the other side… 


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