Isn’t this world beautiful and amazing? It’s certainly worth protecting, for many reasons.  However it wasn’t until later in life, around the time when I first started to work with wildlife, that I discovered the most compelling reason is the simplest.  From the beginning it became clear that whenever animals presented sick or injured, there was almost always this singular underlying factor:  Something was not right in the environment.  

Why does this matter?  Because we are the same.

An astonishing amount of the Big Picture problems we face as a global society are strongly tied to environments that have been unrecognisably changed by human activity. From viral outbreaks, natural disasters & violent conflicts to unstable economies and governments, an unhealthy environment all but guarantees human costs that are at the same time, both crippling and preventable.


A problem cannot be addressed until it is first acknowledged.  This is where I come in.  It has become my greater purpose to explore & share with you the profound connections that we have with the wonders of Nature.  Now more than ever, our fates are firmly intertwined with our decision either to ignore or to acknowledge the reality that we are actually a part of a greater whole.

Join me as I explore the many & varied ways our relationship with Nature transcends everything else.  Together let’s see things as they have always been and in doing so, create our own better future.

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